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Material Property Testing - chemical and physical

The design and management of a tailings storage facility is mainly a function of the material properties of both the tailings waste and the containment dam. The design of the facility is preceded by a thorough testing program which includes the study of chemical and physical properties. Although SRK does not operate a laboratory, our standard practice involves the specification, monitoring and interpretation of the testing results obtained from an accredited commercial or research facility.


The testing and interpretation of the results of tailings, foundation and construction materials is performed by teams of skilled specialist engineers, technologists and environmental scientists that work closely with SRK’s engineers.

SRK's material testing philosophy combines engineering expertise with environmental considerations to ensure that the most appropriate and cost effective testing program is established and carried out within the applicable constraints:

  • Chemical and biological stability including potential for acid generation;
  • Physical and mechanical properties of all soils and rocks; and/or
  • Water and air quality testing and monitoring.
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