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In Euro Mine Expo: SRK talks about Nordic Region, EU-legislation and project perspective to permitting

 Euro Mine Expo - International Trade Fair & Conference Skellefteå, Sweden June 10-12, 2014 


Dr Päivi Picken, Senior Consultant (Geochemistry), SRK (Sweden) will be presenting the following topic at Euro Mine Expo 2014:

‘Environmental Permitting Experiences in Finland and Sweden - Differences, Challenges, Primary European Union Legislation’

Overview: Legislation from the European Union (EU) generally aims to achieve a certain degree of uniformity amongst EU member states. As an example, the basis for geochemical classification of mine waste and objectives for managing the waste originate from the EU and are transposed into national legislation. However, the EU is not homogenous in many respects: physical environments, social structures and administrative functions vary significantly. These and other factors sometimes cause inconsistencies in the interpretation and implementation of legislation at national and local levels. For example, in the Nordic Region, cold climatic conditions create special challenges to technical investigations, scientific interpretations and even to administrative processes. In this presentation Dr Picken will provide an overview of primary EU legislation and its integration in Swedish and Finnish law as well as the challenges of practically implementing requirements on the ground at mines.

Dr Päivi Picken, Senior Consultant (Environment) has a PhD and 17 years´ work experience in environmental geology, with a focus on geochemistry. Päivi has been following the development of European legislation and its implementation at a national level, from a stakeholder group perspective and has practical experience with implementing Finnish and Swedish legislative requirements. Päivi has significant experience in both opening and closing industrial operations in European countries. Her experience covers mine waste characterisation and mine closure. She has worked with closure of peat extraction areas and remediation of industrial and metal contaminated sites. In addition, she has worked with management of acid sulfate soils. Päivi has experience in geochemistry of peatlands and she has been using and developing wetland applications in waste water treatment. Päivi has worked with both metal and nutrient contamination, from both a groundwater and surface water perspective. Understanding receptor impacts and meeting permitting requirements have been essential parts of this work.

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