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Stakeholder & Public Consultation

Engagement with stakeholders to understand their issues and jointly identify solutions is increasingly important for the successful development of projects. It demonstrates responsible citizenship, reduces project risks and assists project developers to obtain their ‘social licence’ to operate. SRK can help in planning and implementation of stakeholder consultations during project development and throughout the life of a project.


  • Consultation planning, which could range from development of a policy framework to a detailed action plan for impact assessment or operational purposes;
  • identifying and consulting with interested and affected parties, including communities, government, NGOs and other stakeholders;
  • developing and maintaining a database of stakeholders and their issues;
  • designing bespoke disclosure documents for stakeholders;
  • preparing grievance procedures; and
  • training of project staff in international trends and requirements for successful stakeholder engagement.


SRK views stakeholder consultations not merely as a one off exercise for regulatory approval, but as a tool for building and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and credibility with stakeholders to reduce the social risk to the project. Key principles SRK believes in and promotes are:

  • Participation;
  • transparency;
  • accountability;
  • respect for traditional knowledge; and
  • recognition of indigenous rights.

In recognition of this, SRK takes into account country specific cultural and political aspects when designing stakeholder involvement processes.


Over the last 15 years, SRK has assisted its clients by successfully designing and managing consultations with interested and affected parties to meet both host country regulatory requirements and international standards, such as the Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards.

We have experience with communities in Asia, CIS, Africa, Middle East, South America and Europe. SRK has also worked with indigenous people and facilitated development of mutually agreeable and often unprecedented terms for consultation based on international best practices.

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