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SRK embraces changed image

The vision of SRK Consulting’s leadership group has not changed since the firm was established more than 35 years ago. But what began as a niche consulting firm focussed primarily on geotechnical engineering and based in a single office, has now developed into a company employing more than 1000 people in over 40 global offices offering a diverse and extensive consulting service covering all aspects of mining. An appropriate time to update the company’s image and brand, according to group CEO, Andy Barrett.

“Our leadership and ownership model is designed with sustainability in mind. We continually review the roles of our employees, make available positions of responsibility and ensure that there are always opportunities for good people to develop,” he said. “As the organisation moves with the times, we need to ensure that our ‘look and feel’ mirrors this continual transition,” says Mr Barrett.

According to group chairman Mike Armitage, the company has continued to grow as a direct result of being able to attract and retain dynamic people who are leaders in their fields.

“The company has undergone material changes over the last 10 years or so,” he said. “We have established practices in developing areas of the world, rather than the western capitals, and we have created a much more internationally integrated organisation.

“The rebranding reaffirms that we are still here, and that we are equipped and looking forward to serving the industry as it now stands rather than as it was.”

SRK was established in 1974 in South Africa by three consultants who envisioned a global consulting company. The company’s initial focus on geotechnical services was represented in the “chevron” logo, which was set in earth tones and conceived from penetration testing of soil strata. The logo has evolved over the years although it has retained the tones and original image.

Ian McSorley, the designer of SRK’s new logo, has captured the elements of SRK’s culture in the design. The original chevron has been retained to provide a strong tie to the past. The clean, vibrant orange adds a fresh approach to the original colours, while introducing new energy into the SRK brand.

The SRK group’s consultants are experienced across a full range of technical services including exploration, geology, resources, mining, geotechnics, water, environment, soil mechanics, waste management and mineral processing. Technical excellence is one of its core values.

“We at SRK are committed to continually improving our business,” says Mr Barrett. “We engage in applied research and actively look for projects that enable us to ‘push the envelope’ and develop new methodologies and approaches,” he said. “We believe our new image fits very comfortably with our vision.”

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