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Site Selection & Permitting

Site selection and permitting issues arise at the onset of any major tailings storage facility study. Detailed assessment of foundation conditions, land use patterns, seismic risk and hydrology can result in significant capital, operating and closure cost savings. Early consultation with local authorities can also prevent unnecessary delays at the permitting stage.


SRK's site selection philosophy combines engineering expertise with environmental considerations to ensure that the most appropriate site is identified within the applicable constraints. This is achieved through the development of decision matrices and typically addresses such items as:

  • topography;
  • disposal method and volume requirements;
  • land ownership and use;
  • site geology;
  • surface and ground water issues;
  • availability of borrow materials;
  • closure implications; and
  • capital / operating costs.


SRK uses worldwide project experience combined with intimate knowledge of local legislation and guidelines to ensure that all potential liabilities associated with a particular site are addressed at an early design stage. Our Tailings Engineers work closely with Environmental Specialists to prepare detailed risk assessments at conceptual study stage to prevent costly delays and reduce economic, environmental and social liabilities which may arise during facility construction.

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