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Mineralogy & Petrology

An evaluation of the mineralogy and petrology of ore minerals and associated gangue are essential keys to understanding the genesis and mineral associations of ore deposits. Additionally these studies are fundamental in the assessment of the potential methods for mineral processing.

Expertise and Facilities

SRK has developed in- house expertise in ore mineralogy and petrology, which continues to grow through the execution and supervision of mineralogical studies integral to mining and ore processing studies. These studies are global in nature and cover a wide range of commodity types and geological environments

SRK undertakes ore mineralogy and petrology studies in conjunction with University specialists at Cardiff University, Mackay School of Mines, Nevada, the University of Cape Town and the University of British Columbia depending on the location of the deposit and the commodity.

Due to a strong association with Cardiff University, SRK has access to excellent analytical facilities such as optical and electron microscopy, electron microprobe, X-ray diffraction and, for ultra trace element analysis, laser ablation inductivity coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LAICP-MS). The latter technique is useful in quantifying ppm (lc) of precious metals in different mineral hosts and has been used to gain a unique insight into refractory precious metal ores.


SRK offers a wide range of specialised services which include but are not restricted to:

  • Supervising and undertaking selection of samples from underground mines, surface mining, drill core or superficial samples;
  • Orientation studies for collection of alluvial and heavy mineral concentrates;
  • Surveys for indicator minerals for diamond deposits;
  • Forensic mineralogy for precious metals, including trace element finger printing by LAICPMS;
  • Diagnostic mineralogy and petrology for genetic deposits; and
  • Ore mineralogy and precious metal identification to assist in the selection design and review of ore processing procedures
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