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Mine Site Closure and Rehabilitation

A key measure of the mining industry’s ability to contribute meaningfully to sustainable development is in its long term environmental performance. If mine closure and completion are not undertaken in a planned and effective manner, a site may continue to be hazardous and a source of pollution for many years to come.

SRK demonstrates a commitment to achieving stable and self-sustaining landforms by planning and testing closure engineering concepts well before closure occurs, so that the closure design can be confidently and cost-effectively managed.


Understanding the future liabilities associated with tailings storage facilities is of fundamental importance to effective closure and rehabilitation planning. SRK combines engineering and environmental specialists to provide the most effective long term strategies for mine closure and rehabilitation planning. This ensures that:

  • the post-mined landscape is safe and stable from physical, geochemical and ecological perspectives;
  • the quality of the surrounding water resources is protected;
  • the agreed sustainable post-mining land use is established and clearly defined to the satisfaction of the community and government; and
  • success criteria are agreed with relevant stakeholders, monitored and reported to stakeholders.


SRK has over 25 years experience in the field of mine closure planning having assisted a variety of mining companies on major projects worldwide. Our engineering team is well versed in sustainable construction and design methods, having worked on challenging projects in a variety of ecosystems and habitats.


SRK’s thorough risk management methodology enables clients to identify risks and develop controls associated with sustainable mine closure and achievement of sustainable mine completion.

Our tailings and geotechnical team offer the following services:

  • Detailed knowledge of international legislation and guidelines related to mine closure and rehabilitation.
  • Progressive rehabilitation planning, implementation and supervision.
  • Optimisation of materials placement, drainage and re-vegetation.
  • Integrated waste dump and tailings landform designs.
  • Design and costing of engineered soil and geotextile cover systems which limit the percolation of rainfall or ingress of oxygen (or both) in stored reactive wastes.
  • Comprehensive characterisation of the properties of soils, overburden and mineral processing wastes to determine their capacity to support plant growth and their potential to have future adverse impacts on water quality.
  • Planning of long term environmental and hydrogeological monitoring plans for post closure periods.
  • Chairing of stakeholder consultation with affected communities, Governments and regulatory organisations to ensure that all environmental and social liabilities are met.
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