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Geological Modelling

Appropriate 2D and 3D computerised geological and mineralisation models of a mineral deposit are a funamental element of Mineral Resource estimation. Appropriate modelling and domaining yields the most robust estimate from a given sample base.


SRK utilises a wide variety of computerised modelling methodologies, selected to suit the deposit geometry, mineralisation controls, technical characteristics and downstream mine planning requirements.

SRK ensures that all available data is included in the modelling process.

This data may include: geological and structural maps, detailed sample logs, laboratory assay data, mineralogical analyses, geophysics, etc. Once the data is imported and validated, SRK carefully considers the setting, genesis, distribution and controls on mineralisation, as well as the patterns of alteration and weathering, to determine the most appropriate modelling and domaining criteria.

3D Geological wireframe models are usually constructed via solid or surface methodologies dependent on deposit geometry, using state of the art software packages.


SRK has extensive international experience in computerised geological modelling and domaining of most deposit types and commodities. Our consultants understand the importance of geological controls during modelling, and the significance it has in subsequent statistical and geostatistical studies and robust tonnage and quality/grade estimation.

SRK has the capability to produce computerised geological models in any required software package to suit the needs of the client, including Datamine, Gemcom, Vulcan, Surpac, Minex, Leapfrog and Geomodeller.


  • Computerised geological and mineralisation wireframe modelling of any mineral deposit type utilising any of the major technical software packages;
  • Modelling of deposits at various project statuses from grass-roots exploration through to Feasibility stage;
  • Preliminary modelling using Leapfrog software, a 3D semi-automated modelling package, utilising geological or quality constraints;
  • Re-modelling/domaining based upon additional more detailed sample or geological/structural information or to overcome grade estimation problems.
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