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SRK’s exploration capabilities are handled by a specialist team within SRK Exploration Services Ltd. SRKES provides a wide range of exploration services and consultancy, covering the design and management of exploration programmes ranging from early “grass-roots” phases to feasibility studies.

SRKES provides skilled and experienced teams of professional geologists, geochemists and geophysicists who are able to work effectively in any given environment around the world, on a wide range of commodities and deposit styles. Our team is well-versed in the requirements of international reporting codes, so our exploration programmes will meet required specifications from start to finish, minimising costly delays and re-sampling when it comes to producing resource statements.

SRKES exploration programmes always follow a phased, results-driven approach with target ranking and risk assessment taking place at every stage. This provides regular milestones and key decision points, such that the programme has the greatest chance of identifying new mineral deposits, and remaining in budget.

SRK ES services include:

Exploration Target Generation

SRKES can provide specialist services for the generation and prioritisation of new exploration targets for all commodities in a wide variety of geological environments.

  • Extensive desk studies to compile and analyse all available data;
  • tectonic and metallogenic analysis to provide an indication of prospectivity at all scales;
  • reconnaissance field work and mapping to provide vital data from the field; and
  • acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical and remote sensing data to identify potential targets.

Exploration GIS

Good data management is essential for the success of an exploration project. Important decisions need to be based on well-managed and effectively used data. When data is not well-manged or used effectively, it may lead to poorly-informed decisions, creating mistakes further down the line in resource estimations, possibly requiring expensive re-acquisition of samples.

All SRK ES staff are well trained in the creation, use and management of exploration databases in which sample locations, assay results, geological maps and geophysical data can all be included. This enables the storage, integration, visualisation and modelling of a client’s valuable data, and makes it quickly and easily accessible.

Exploration Management

The careful design and management of an exploration project is critical in ensuring that funding is both forthcoming and spent on effective exploration activities. Our experienced team is able to review a project’s status, the client’s objectives and to provide advice and services for ongoing and future project development. This can be via direct project management using fulltime expatriate SRK ES project and field geologists, or through periodical reviews based from our UK office with regular field visits.

Independent Assessments, Valuations and Competent Persons Reporting

Every exploration and mining company will need to “take stock” of its exploration programmes at some stage. The need for objectivity and impartiality means that it may be preferable for this process to be conducted by an independent third party. SRK ES has extensive experience in reviewing, auditing and evaluating exploration programmes at all stages of development. Much of this work is conducted to produce documents for worldwide stock exchanges (AIM, TSX, JSE), banks and private investors, due diligence studies and project audits, as well as for internal reviews. SRK ES has a solid core of experienced exploration managers and has the in-house capability to provide experienced geologists to review and audit exploration projects for all types of commodities. The company's corporate ownership policy ensures that we remain totally independent and all of our key personnel are members in good standing of appropriate professional institutions.

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