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Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

When planning a project, staying on course or closing a facility, companies need to satisfy regulatory requirements while also addressing community expectations. These challenges can be compounded by a need to prove to investors that risks are handled appropriately. We can assist you in achieving your goals, whether they are an environmental permit, an investment decision, a “social licence” to operate or a closure certificate.


  • Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs);
  • stakeholder consultations;
  • undertake and/or manage baseline studies (using appropriate in-house, local or international consultants);
  • management (action) and monitoring plans and systems development;
  • closure planning and costing;
  • land acquisition, resettlement and compensation planning; and
  • training of company staff on international trends and best practices such as those set by the IFC, ICMM etc.


  • ESIA conducted in a phased manner in close contact with the project development team;
  • multi-specialist technical knowledge combined with project management to ensure appropriate level of study undertaken;
  • consideration of host country regulations & guidelines, corporate standards and lender requirements;
  • integral stakeholder consultations to understand and address interested and affected parties concerns; and
  • holistically consider social, environmental, labour and community health and safety for the overall project, including any support infrastructure or services.


  • 30 years exposure to natural resource and mining projects enabling identification of issues critical to a venture’s success;
  • skills and experience to reduce risks whilst meeting project objectives in a cost and time-efficient manner;
  • successfully undertaken high profile impact assessments in accordance with IFC Performance Standards; World Bank Group’s EHS Guidelines; and other international guidelines and standards; and
  • understanding host country requirements based on experience in countries across Africa, Asia, CIS, Middle East, South America and Europe and Greenland.
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