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Data Management

Effective, efficient and secure electronic storage and validation of technical data is a fundamental aspect of exploration, Mineral Resource estimation and mine planning. SRK provides services and solutions to capture, validate and manage your technical data and communicate the results with precision and clarity, in accordance with international reporting codes.


When capturing and validating electronic data, we take into account the required formats for mining software or AutoCAD/GIS packages and validate your data by utilising multiple data entry to check for transcription errors and regular auditing of captured data throughout the project.

SRK has the expertise to manage your data or provide advice on security and back-up of data, formats for importing and exporting, and recommendation of third-party providers for web-hosting, data uploading, downloading, and communication of results.


SRK's consultants have undertaken numerous projects involving the electronic capture of data, validation of data, and data management, and have extensive international experience in electronic capture of paper-based technical data, especially for projects located in the Former Soviet Union and in India. SRK is also experienced in providing independent confirmatory drilling programmes and capturing, validating and managing the associated data.


  • Digitisation of historical paper-based plans in 3D vector formats.
  • Digitisation of historical paper-based sample information such as borehole logs.
  • Independent Advice for third-party data storage solutions.
  • Validation of captured data both for transcription errors and digitising errors.
  • Managing of data relating to on-going exploration and mining sample collection.
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